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Porch Roof is a nostalgic short film that will take place almost entirely on a roof. 


When the pandemic hit in 2020, Sink temporarily returned to her childhood home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. A few years earlier, she had lost her former love––her first love––in a car accident. Living at home again brought memories back in new, visceral ways. Sink created this film as a reaction to her ongoing grief. It’s a fictionalized portrayal of two exes revisiting old traditions for one night. The longing, the what ifs, the regrets, the things left unsaid.


The film will be textured and evocative in tone to convey the feeling of delving into your past. We were inspired by the spacious realism in "Normal People", "Moonlight" and "Premature", but with a touch of the charm and humor of shows like "Insecure". 


We believe this film will resonate with everyone. We all have what ifs. We all lose people. We'd all love to revisit a time in our lives that was precious.



In our initial planning phase, it became evident that we had a wide network of female identifying talent in production and post. We believe that we can tell a compelling story, and at the same time create opportunities for the very talented womxn we've come to work with over the years. With the exception of the film's male lead, we plan to employ a 100% female crew, from pre-production through post-production.



Spacious, timeless, and ethereal. This script allows its actors to dig into silences and subtle physicality.


Our nimble crew will utilize low light, macro closeups, and milky bokeh to enhance the delicacy of the story. Intermittent handheld shots will provide an intimate framework.




bird chirps, wind chimes, crickets, and breezes will add to the authenticity of the world in which these characters come together. This is a video from the location that gives a sense of that world.


Sit in Stillness, an original composition by yours truly, will be used as the short’s theme


Here’s a playlist of inspiration tracks for the film’s overall tone

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